Céu in a Box

Céu in a Box (CiB) is a distribution of Xubuntu that comes pre-installed with Céu.

The distribution contains the compiler together with bindings for the environments Arduino, libuv, and SDL.

CiB is distributed as a single .ova file to be used with VirtualBox.

After downloading CiB, import it to VirtualBox:

The usename and password for CiB are both ceu:

Username: ceu
Password: ceu

After logging in, open a terminal window and type the following commands to check if everything is ok:

$ cd ceu/ceu/tst
$ ./run             # some examples might not compile because of the gcc version

The directory structure of CiB is as follows:

  - /home/ceu/              # home dir for the user "ceu"
    - arduino-1.8.1/        # distribution from http://arduino.cc
    - ceu/
      - ceu/                # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu/
      - ceu-arduino/        # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-arduino/
      - ceu-libuv/          # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-libuv/
      - ceu-sdl/            # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-sdl/
        - ceu-sdl-leds/     # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-sdl-leds/
        - ceu-sdl-birds/    # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-sdl-birds/
        - ceu-sdl-storm/    # clone of http://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-sdl-storm/

Keeping CiB up-to-date

$ cd ~/ceu/ceu/
$ git pull
$ make
$ sudo make install

$ cd ~/ceu/ceu-arduino/
$ git pull

$ cd ~/ceu/ceu-libuv/
$ git pull

$ cd ~/ceu/ceu-sdl/
$ git pull